Technology is now deeply embedded into the fabric of society. Its advancement has spawned a multitude of benefits in communication and the facilitation of previously exhaustively long processes. Although this progress has been an overall "good", its obvious detrimental downsides should not be overlooked. Nearly 7.5% of individuals older than 12 are considered "internet addicts"; such a statistic is particularly alarming when other studies are considered. Addicts of technology might experience a 10-20% surface area shrinkage of their brain-- seemingly ludicrous, yet completely true.  

As is true with the consumption of many other things, moderation is key. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents to allow their children 2 hours of technology usage a day-- far less than the abusive relationship kids have with their phones nowadays. Ultimately, a pragmatic length of usage can be found for all people; one which fits your lifestyle and doesn't damage your own health. 


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