Control, Alt, Delete, Addiction (Control Addiction) is a student led advocacy group based in the Digital Arts and Technology Academy at Cathedral City High School. We are dedicated to promoting youth addiction awareness throughout the Coachella Valley and helping the youth rehabilitate into sobriety. We are working to achieve our plans by providing resources and partnering with local businesses. 


Website Design: Sadrac Camacho

Graphics and Merchandise: Led by Morgan, Maya, Blanca

Social Media: Led by Alejandro Macia 

Senior Executive Team: Tatianna Miles, River Gibbs, Rosalina Rogel, Pamela Montenegro, Celeste Medina, Juan Martinez, Rebecca Wenger, and Daniela Ramirez.

Social Media: Hillary Medina and Julia De la Torre

Photography and Video: DATA juniors and seniors

Research: DATA Sophomores

Statistics: DATA Juniors

A very special thank you to the DATA Teacher Team, Jamie Steinberg from Leap Online Marketing, as well as Helene Photias and Chanise Walker from The Betty Ford Center for their guidance on the project!