"This is the year I will make a change and impact the lives of others. I will become a role model for my friends and peers".


- David Vo


"This year I hope to make our chapter a bigger an stronger chapter and to make it a memorable experience for all who join". 


- Eric Diaz

Junior President

"I would say my goal this year is to make sure all our members are prepared for the following year ahead of them no matter what obstacles they pass through".


- Miguel Platero

"This opportunity will definitely help me shape into a better person and provide new ideas for our school chapter. I hope my peers develop and share the love and dedication for SkillsUSA to further generations as I plan on doing".


- Norma Vasquez


"This year I aspire to change myself and the people around me with positivity and help the accomplish their goals  and help them with any problem they may have".


- Samuel Oropeza


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