Smoking Addiction
Drug Addiction
Technology Addiction

Smoking is one of the main catalysts for both Heart Disease and stroke— both of which are leading causes of death in the United States.

America is facing a drug problem of unprecedented values in the 21st Century. 40 million Americans of ages 12 and older can be classified as having a type of substance abuse.

1 in 8 Americans suffer from problematic Internet use and more may bring on chemical changes in the brain similar to those caused by substance use disorder

Gambling Addiction
Lying Addiction
Drinking Addiction

Gambling is an addiction easily overlooked-- one easily confused with mere fun; the truth, sadly, is that about 6 million American adults and half-a-million teens suffer through this addiction-- that's nearly 15% of the population which gambles at least once a week.  

Lying is a normal part of human behavior but in excess its effects prove to be very detrimental. Some individuals might be unknowingly losing control to a series of mental disorders and complications, such as Compulsive Lying Disorder (pseudologia fantastica).

Alcoholism might just be the most recognized and common addiction America faces. About 15.1 million Americans have reported they have Alcohol Use Disorder-- a number of astronomical proportions and harm.

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